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Input from those that know

The best way to learn is by observing and learning from those that are already doing or have done what you want to do!  The Realist’s Guide to a Successful Music Career provides insight from industry professionals that know what it takes to make a living through their passion for music!

Joel Cummins

Joel Cummins

Keyboardist, Umphrey's McGee

After 20 years of touring and 2400 live performances with Progressive Rock Band Umphrey’s McGee, Joel brings insight from his own experience and that of his peers!

Matt DeCoursey

Entrepenur and Author

As a successful entrepreneur, author and music industry veteran Matt provides insight related to the business of your music.  Matt is currently the CEO of Full Scale, the Co-host of the Startup Hustle Podcast and a former District Manager for Roland, the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic musical instruments!

Jeff Coffin

Saxophonist, Dave Matthews Band

“These guys aren’t joking with the title of their book: The Realist’s Guide to a Successful Music Career. It’s been said that “The truth shall set you free.” If that’s the case, you best get ready for some freedom!”

Learn About

Getting Started

So you decided that you want to pursue a career in the music industry... Learn about what options you might have and how to get started.

Choosing a Path

Choosing the right path for yourself as a musician is an important part of getting started. Learn about why some options might make sense for you and why others might not.

Music Marketing

The music industry has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Learn about what options exist and why some are worth pursuing and why others might not be that great.

Creating Music

Creating music is what you love doing, so we gathered some tips from the best in the industry as well as some inspiring tips and input for reaching your full potential.

Getting Gigs

There are a lot of places you can perform and a lot of people trying to perform there. Learn about how to get the gigs you want and how to manage, create and execute a successful series of shows.

Band Management

A what point does having management make sense? What should you look for? What should you avoid? We give and get advice regarding this important part of your growth process.

Listen to Joel and Matt

On October 3rd, 2018, while Umphrey’s McGee was in Kansas City Joel was a guest on the Startup Hustle Podcast.  Check out what Joel had to say about UM, the music industry and quite a bit of other stuff!

Episode 70 Joel Cummins

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